How to Optimize Your Listings

Optimize your listing.

BudgetBridalWorld.com has many advantages over other major advertising sites. We are able to place dresses in a prominent place on our site where everybody can view them. As long as your dress is not sold, your ad is running free in the 'highlights' section.

1. The advertisement.

Think of your wedding dress listing like an advertisement being read by someone who doesn't know anything about your gown. The more information, detail and great pictures you can provide, the more likely someone will contact you. Remember, a good photo says more than 1,000 words!.

2. Pictures.

It is very important to use clear pictures when you place your ad. We recommend you to take pictures of the front and back of the dress, with close-ups of the details. Tip: Try to find pictures of your dress online, you can do a google search by brand and/or style. 

3. Information.

Too much information is not always better, but in this case it is. Assume that the buyer doesn't know anything about your gown. So the more information the better. Include information such as: fabric, details and dimensions. It is very important to mention if dress has been altered and/or cleaned.

4. Price must be right.

Price is one of the most important factors so you can have a better chance of selling your dress. 

The price must be right! Use our Dress Value Calculator (LINK) for the current value of your dress (estimate). Think about the amount you want to sell your dress for. If after a few weeks you do not get reactions or offers you had hoped for, consider lowering the price of your dress. When you reduce your price 10% or more, your dress is placed automatically for 30 days in the "Now discounted" page.

5. Set your dress in the appropriate category.

Make sure you fill all the fields (silhouette, neckline, shape etc.). Buyers can search using these criterias, otherwise your gown will not be found by the search engine. Not sure what some categories mean? Please visit our 'Dress Descriptions' page (LINK). 

6. Share your ad through social media.

f you use Facebook or Twitter you have the opportunity to share your ad through your account. This is a good way to boost the sales of your wedding dress




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